Hello All,

I come to you today to show an update of the game I've been slowly working on. I realized that while I post updates to the youtube channel, I have not been coming back here to post. Here you go. This is just me doing a test of the customer spawning system and item spawning system. I setup some admin commands in the game to allow me to spawn items at will so I could verify the spawn triggers and the placement of objects. I plan on breaking all of my code and methods down into a tutorial soon but that will be later on once I comment all of my code and wrap up my features.

If you are interested in testing the game or seeing more updates, sign up and let me know! I know this place is pretty dead, aside from my WPF/UWP videos, but I'll post what viewers are interested in. Hope you enjoy the video. Check out the youtube channel too for other videos and projects I am working on.