Howdy Ya'll,

So, I do some freelance programming whenever I am not stuck in a loop of normal life stuff. It is a very fun way to try to polish skills I think I have and learn new ones, but also to get an idea of what the current market looks like. You can't make useful software if you don't know what people need is a rule I live by, and freelance shows you the needs.

Anyway, I saw one request that a user put out to get a invoicing program made. Had to be simple. I am currently in a stage where I am testing out different invoice tools and figured this would be a chance for me to make something I'd love to use (BECAUSE I MADE IT!!! HAHA) and also have some code to store for future work.

The software is very simple. You enter customer data and save it, select from the list of different products or services, put the amount the customer purchased and send it off. It will be sent as an email to your email client on your local system. That is the version I am releasing. I will be releasing a video soon showing the latest version I am working on, which will send pages through my website to my clients for another web based project I am working on.

Enjoy it for now. Code is available for anyone who signs up (and signing up is FREE...... Soo.......) so go grab yours now and stay on the lookout for the tutorial to make your own that can send mail from your website!

Thanks for riding with us. Keeping checking in for more fun stuff.