Hello All,


  I am here to share a bit of progress on my project.  I have been working on this when I have the free time and really been spending a lot of time recreating the functions and GUI aspects of the project.  I am trying to figure out the best method to use for the Help Desk GUI, as it does not quite work well without forcing the user into a cursor mode.  I've also been trying to find out how I want the in-game progression to work.  I am really learning a lot of different ways of looking at how a game can be fun and it is amazing to see how no matter whether we are playing Skyrim, The Sims or GTA, there is always an aspect to bring us back.  I have been searching hard because I want this game to really immerse you in the experience.


   So far the game progress allows you to earn money, collect servers, install servers and set the servers to different modes and collect more money for each server put to good use.  My current goals are to get all of the servers in their locations and named so that I can start working on the rack monitor GUI.  I also want the status monitor working because it will feed the pay system further by showing money earned per server, per mode and money spent powering the server.  After I am able to complete that section I want to look into creating a hardware inspector mini-game that allows you to fix your own equipment if the skill allows.  This should add a little more depth to the game and allow for thrifty players to quickly progress faster.



So far this thing is still a long way from being done but the progress is moving forward and that is always a positive thing.  Keep checking back for more updates and if you want to help or test, give us a shout!  Thanks again.