Hello All,



        I wanted to post an update to my IT Learning Game project.  I completely started over again and decided to give it a fresh start, level and effort wise.  I must say, I am pretty impressed with the output.  While it may not be visually  stunning, it is what I have!  I am not a big graphic artist or modeler so the next few screens to come will be the rough, unfinished screens of what I have in place while I work out the story line.  So far the buying functions, placing functions, job functions and movement functions are working as I intended.  My next step is to really dive into trying to make a story work.  I have all of my notes ready to go so I am hoping I can get some good shots up by next week.


Gameplay wise, this thing has been pretty fun.  Watching the functions all work together, seeing the progress after adding in equipment and having the expenses calculated are really making this seem like something.  I've also pulled up my music production software again and had a go at that.  Let's just say I plan on throwing my name in the credits everyhwere on this one!  I have added some of the beats I have already made as some background music, threw in a few sounds for purchasing and placing and will gloss over the idea of giving it some narration depending on how these next few tests play out.


Again, thank you for checking this out.  I hope to hear back from some of you for input.  Catch you next time and stay tuned!