Hello All,


        Here is a program I call Copy Buddy.  You select a file that you want to copy, add a location you would like to copy it to and even add a backup location if you would like.  Click submit and the work is done.  I made this out of pure laziness for not wanting to find a file location and copy to the new one when I download game mods.  I just select the file I want to transfer, set the location that is usually listed in the description somewhere and now I can relax for 1.5 seconds more.  I hope it can bring you the same amount of joy.  I plan to add an XML function that can select all of the files you want and turn them into an XML file that can be saved and shared with friends, family, and co-workers to make those difficult moves of files.


Keep checking back for new programs, update to existing programs and updates to The IT Learning Game.  Thanks for checking in.  Have a good one.