Hello All,

I wanted to release a program I made for kids for learning their times-tables. The program is very simple. You put in a number into the box, you click GO and it shows you that number, up to 20x. This is pretty basic but it might be helpful for those wanting to learn. I didn't go in depth getting down to the bare minimum of code but it is still pretty low. It also saves all of the previous numbers you checked into a list on the left hand side and displays the current number on the right hand side.

I have also added the source code for this in case anyone wants to make changes or share it. This would be very easy to modify to go up to 100x or whatever you want to do with it and have fun. If you do modify it, feel free to send me the end result so I can post it on here.

Thanks to all of you who keep checking the site. I appreciate it. If you have anything you'd want to see, comment or send an email or go to the youtube channel and we will give it a shot.

Thanks again. Download links are below.

PST Math Helper (EXE only)

PST Math Helper (EXE + Source Code)